Friday, December 17, 2010


I just had to make a new entry to my journal blog because of a very special Christmas poem that I received via email. It seems that my cute-self causes smiles and even creative inspiration. Uncle Bennie wrote this especially for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as me and Mom!
Luv ~ HoneyBear

xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx

Santa’s Cookies Tempt HoneyBear

Twas the night before Christmas, and all were asleep.
HoneyBear was searching for something to eat.

Her nose in the air, she detected a scent.
A hint of pumpkin, cinnamon and mint.

Where O' Where can it possibly be?
In the kitchen, den, or under the tree?

She looked to the left, she looked to the right.
That delectable treat was nowhere in sight.

HoneyBear stopped, and froze in her tracks.
As she spotted a basket filled with snacks.

To heck with the other, I'll stay here instead.
I'll eat all night, then go back to bed.

Merry Christmas to all, To all a good night.
HoneyBear’s journey is so very bright.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mom’s going around the house singing along to Christmas carol music. She changes some lyrics of Little Drummer Boy to be “Little Drummer Girl” instead. That’s me. She says that I walk to the beat of a different drummer because of my leg issues. But she loves me very much just the way I am and admires my tenacity.

Thank goodness Mom always chooses the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. You know the kind… ill-shapen, worse for wear, and the one that everybody passes by because it is far from perfect. But that tree is truly unique and has tons of character. I think Mom chose me for the exact same reason! She says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and she thinks I am very beautiful indeed.

The next few days will be unusually cold here in Florida; temperatures from upper 20s to low 30s and wind chills predicted at 19-26 degrees! Mom had to fight Christmas shopping crowds at the local mall and buy herself a warm fleece jacket. And all of us dogs are mighty happy that she found our sweaters in the back of the linen closet. I am so glad the fur grew back on my leg. Brr-brr-brr. If it gets any colder, I might be able to make a snow angel. On second thought, there’s no way I’m going outside except for a quick potty break.

This is likely to be my last update until 2011. Your family is probably as busy as ours this time of year. So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs to you and all of yours!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I came home after surgery and all of a sudden I’m feeling a cool breeze on my leg. I looked down and… leg is hairless. Mom once fostered a hairless Chihuahua but I don’t think that I am related in any way. She kicked on the heater and wrapped me in a snazzy polar-fleece blanket. I could get used to this!

Mom’s newest name for me is Marvel-Pup because every day she marvels at my ‘can-do’ attitude. I’m supposed to be taking it easy, but already I’m putting weight on my leg and taking a few steps. In fact, Mom almost had a heart-attack last evening. I was in the computer room with Dad dozing in my cuddle bed when he briefly left to answer the phone. He took a little too long and when Mom came through the kitchen, there I was! I had managed to walk up a little step from the computer room to be where the action was. I don’t think I’ll ever forget Mom’s shriek and startled look on her face! She quickly scooped me up like I was the most precious bag of jewels. Hmm-m-m. In retrospect, I think I must be. She once said that I was a diamond in the ruff.
Luv ~ HoneyBear

Friday, November 5, 2010


Our computer is back, but Mom is having some difficulty finding her bookmarks, favorites and treasured files. So please bear with us until we are back to normal…whatever that is! However, I want to give you a quick update about my surgery on Thursday. Bottom line…it was a piece of cake. Dr. Drygas was my surgeon this time around and he said that everything went just fine. I’m resting quietly with a soft blanket in after-care until Mom and Dad pick me up this afternoon. I can’t wait to begin the healing process in the comfort of my own home and familiar surroundings. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and best wishes.

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Friday, October 29, 2010


Why am I smiling so sweetly? Because many people I don’t even know opened their hearts … and now my leg surgery is possible. Thank you very much. Notice the beauty mark on my bottom lip? Mom carried me to the mirror and said, “See how adorable you are?” I get the feeling that she might be jealous.

My surgery is Thursday and I am hoping that you all might say a little prayer for me. Mom’s computer will be in the repair shop starting Monday for a yet-to-be-determined period of time. She said, "Wouldn’t ya know it … Murphy’s Law". I don’t know Mr. Murphy, but Mom is not happy. We will update you as soon as possible when our quirky computer is back.

A special poem from a secret admirer recently arrived in the mailbox. It touched me and Mom so much that we wanted to share it with you.

HoneyBear HoneyBear

There is a girl named HoneyBear.
Known by many far and near.

Put here, she was, to test our hearts.
Overwhelming response to fix her parts.

God’s little creature now walks with ease.
Touched by Angels, gifts of praise.

Her journey is not over, we must confess.
The story of HoneyBear is one of the best.

Author: Anonymous Admirer

Monday, October 25, 2010


I’m looking up at Mom with a big smile on my face. (You can barely see it, but believe me it’s there!) We have almost reached my leg surgery online Chip-In goal. Thank you very much to people from Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida … well, you get the idea.

Mom believes that many people heard about me because a news article was written about puppy mill dogs and how they suffer at the hands of cruel people. My sad story was featured and the link will be provided on my blog so you can read it for yourself soon. Mom is calling me Little Miss Puppy Mill Ambassador.

You can still donate via my Chip-In fundraiser until November 8. Please know that if I am fortunate to receive donations in excess of my surgery goal, they will go towards my after-care and to other neglected and abused dogs landing softly in to open arms. Thank you!

In addition to Chip-In, two other ways to donate are:
PayPal via a gift to:
Mail: Open Arms Dog Rescue, PO Box 354471, Palm Coast, FL 32135

I am writing personal thank-you notes to everyone making my surgery possible. My little paws are getting tired already. Don't forget to continue following my progress right here on my journal blog.

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Sunday, October 17, 2010


It isn’t Halloween yet. But you now know that I received a cruel trick instead of a well-deserved treat. After being able to walk all by myself on newly mended front legs, I’ve been sidelined with a ligament tear in my right rear leg. The squirrels are much braver without me standing watch, but everyone else is sad about the latest obstacle in my short life.

Dr. MacKenzie says that surgery will put me back up on my feet with a life expectancy of 15 years old! He assured Mom that positive factors contributing to the success of my first surgery remain the same: I am young, healthy, able to withstand anesthesia, cooperative and a remarkable healer. So I am wishing-on-a-star for kind hearts to embrace me again like you did during my last journey. Dr. Mackenzie has offered a rescue dog discount of $1,050 (normally $1,400) to help the fundraising effort.

If you want to donate to my leg surgery fund, here’s how:
Click the Chip-In button on this posting to donate to my online fundraising drive.
Go to PayPal and make a donation gift to:
Send a check in my name to: Open Arms Dog Rescue, P.O. Box 354471, Palm Coast, FL 32135

I posed for these photos in my Halloween bandanna so you could see my funky rear leg. Mom bribed me with some treats because she says I have had more than my share of tricks lately. Please share my story with animal lovers everywhere so we are able to raise the funds needed for my leg surgery. Thank you.

Hugs ~ HoneyBear

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Huh? What’s this photo doing on a little Chihuahua girl’s journal blog?!? Today’s update is my version of an anecdote about the frog trying to climb out of a water well. For every two steps the frog climbs, it falls back by one step making its progress challenging at best.

As you know, I have been experiencing the joy of walking on my strong and straight front legs. Surgery changed my life as I am now able to venture over and check out a bug or paw at my foster siblings to initiate play. But apparently my backside did not fully understand that it had to keep up with my newly-acquired front end activity. After one of my excursions, I began hopping like a bunny. At first Mom thought it was a Charlie-horse, but unfortunately that was not the case.

A visit to the vet revealed disheartening news. I have a ligament tear in my right rear leg that requires surgery. Mom is very sad so I am returning a few of the hugs and kisses that she has been giving to me. She said “HoneyBear, we are both pros at this surgery-thingie now and we can do it again!” Mom is getting organized for another fundraiser as my surgery will not be possible without donations from friends… humans and fur kids alike.

My next journal blog will share more about the surgery, its cost and new photos of me with my injured leg. If your heart is ready to join me on yet another journey, it will also explain how you can make a difference by donating to my leg surgery fund.

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here I am in our backyard watching Mom pull a couple of weeds on this beautiful afternoon. She tells me that I am just the cutest little dog ever and that this photo proves it! Mom said that I warm her heart even more than the sunshine. And it’s pretty hot out here now so that is saying a lot.

Mom has been sick as a dog (pun intended) and I have had a little set-back myself. When both of us are feeling better, we want to update everyone about my progress since it has been a while and there are a few developments.

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Monday, September 27, 2010


Mom wanted me to explain a little more in detail about my surgery. For each leg, Dr. MacKenzie aligned the broken bones and then inserted metal plates to hold them firmly in place. Over time, my body makes new bone mass around the area. The advantage of this procedure is that my straighter stronger legs enable me to walk. The disadvantage is that my ankles are fused in a way that prevents them from bending. But it isn’t really a minus in the whole scheme of things. I am able to walk on my paw pads like any other dog and can hold my rawhide chews just fine-and-dandy.

Mom told me that she agreed to let Dr. McKenzie fuse my bones because she thought it mysteriously involved her favorite beverage … Fuze! (Yum-yum.) Of course she was only kidding, and no doubt you have become very familiar with Mom’s weird sense of humor. I’ve learned to take it in my stride and life would be pretty boring without her funny laugh.

Mom has been challenged to take a good picture of me walking. By the time she follows me on a brief jaunt and tries to focus the camera, I spoil everything by sitting down or turning my head to see a squirrel. I hear her ‘wheels turning’ though. So maybe sometime soon she will outsmart me (not a chance) and take an ‘aw-w-w-w’ photo so all of you can see how great I am doing.

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Friday, September 10, 2010


TA-DA!!! Look what disappeared. Yep, you spotted it right away. No more splints!!! Look at my straight legs. There’s a whole bunch to report after today’s visit.

Well, let’s talk about the elephant in the room first … the darn ol’ Elizabethan collar. A little infection developed on my legs … maybe from being wrapped in bandages for the better part of five weeks. It feels so soothing to lick-lick-lick them, but that’s a firm non-negotiable no-no. So I need to wear the collar for a few days; I’m sure my fur friends out there can sympathize! I came home with antibiotics and a medicated shampoo to help the healing process.

Also, it is very important to begin putting pressure on my legs without the splint supports. But, already it has proven to be painful for me (not to mention a scary venture). Luckily, Dr. MacKenzie included pain medication in my bag of take home goodies. It seems to help as I am able to take some baby steps under Mom’s watchful eye. In fact, she’s right there encouraging me when I sit down too soon.

Oh-oh. Mom just came in to the room and said “scoot-scoot-scoot”. She is holding a tasty liver bit in her hand and I don’t mind doing a combat belly crawl to get it. After all, that’s considered therapy to strengthen my legs too!

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainbow In My Play Pen

Purple, Green, Blue and Pink …… Mom says that a rainbow has been forming in my play pen with every post-op visit to Dr.MacKenzie. She whispered that there is a pot-of-gold buried at the end of the rainbow and it will all be mine in a few weeks. So when my colorful spectrum of bandages comes off, I plan to dig for the sparkly bullion with my two strong front paws. Since the mischievous ol’ Leprechaun only protects it from greedy humans, he won’t pose a problem whatsoever.

Actually, Mom reminds me that the JOURNEY to the end of the rainbow and pot-of-gold is the real treasure. She assures me that my resilience and amazing ability to go-with-the-flow have been crucial steps along the way. Mom and so many other people like you were my angel advocates from the very beginning. With that much love and support, who needs gold anyway?!? I am a very wealthy little Chihuahua girl right now!

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HoneyBear: Good To Go!

This journal entry is for serious followers only (lol). It’s potty talk, and only someone that has a furkid or two will appreciate it!

It has been a challenge to potty with my two splinted longer and straighter legs. Dr. MacKenzie says that my bandages must stay dry, so I’ve had to use the patio which I absolutely hate! To keep me upright and balanced, Mom arranges her family tartan Pendleton scarf around my tummy kinda like a sling.

Well today Mom carried me out to the grass in back. She gently placed me down on all fours and I went potty without any help whatsoever. Then I quickly put it in first gear and accelerated in my version of a doggie gallop. It completely surprised Mom because I’ve never had to be on a leash before. Now I was doing a Lewis and Clark away from Mom and she was laughing and crying at the same time. I guess it was an emotional moment for her.

Mom was prepared with her camera the next time we ventured out back. I was not as animated, but take a look at this newest photo. It is proof positive for all of my fans that I am able to stand ever-so-briefly on all four of my legs. I could get pretty used to this whole idea. It has only been a little over a week since my surgery so I’m pretty darn proud of myself!
Luv ~ HoneyBear

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look At Me! Home After My Leg Surgery!

That’s me with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. MacKenzie at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists. It is my official release photo from after-care on August 7 and I’m headed home. Yippee!

My leg surgery looks to be pretty promising. Here are the newest x-rays of my left leg…the really badly broken one. Those images show the bone plates that Dr. MacKenzie so expertly placed to make both of my legs straight. Mom said, “HoneyBear, you’ll never be able to go through airport security without setting off the buzzer!” Mom laughs hysterically at her own jokes, and I just wag my tail lovingly because that makes her happy.

Whenever Mom looks at my cute face and little bandaged legs, she reminds me how very lucky I am. So many people made donations to an abused Chihuahua girl they didn’t even know. You and others made a wish-on-a-shooting-star dream come true. Oh gosh, I’m getting a bit teary. Wait! I think Mom is making dinner. Gotta go; more updates and photos soon.
Luv ~HoneyBear

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dreams of Walking: Night After Surgery

This is a picture of the dream I had last night in after-care. That’s me taking mom for a walk! However, in real life I am cuter and mom would never wear shoes like that!

Dr. MacKenzie called Mom this morning and said that I had eaten a good breakfast and went potty.....and that is always a positive sign! He said that I am having trouble maneuvering around upright on the splints, so I’ll stay one more day at the clinic working on my mobility. I’m propped up comfortably on my cozy blanket watching the people come and go and feeling pretty happy thanks to pain meds. I sure miss Mom and Dad and KNOW they can’t wait for me to come home!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

HoneyBear: My Leg Surgery Today August 5

I am channeling this post through Mom since I am recovering from surgery right now. I just got out of surgery at 5:00pm today (August 5) and am still a bit groggy. Dr. MacKenzie said that he was able to do a pretty good bone plate on each of my legs. Mom’s birthday was yesterday, but she says that this gift was well-worth waiting for. Mom is anxiously waiting for more detailed information tomorrow. She will probably call after-care several times throughout the evening to check on me. Thanks for your concern and best wishes.

This photo was taken a while back. Cricket is my sister and somewhat on the bossy side. See…she took over my cuddle bed for this photo op! I hope to share a more current photo soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

HoneyBear Crosses Her Paws for August 5 Leg Surgery

Thursday, August 5th is the day of my leg surgery. As you can see, I am crossing my paws for a successful operation and quick recovery. My foster mom hopes that all of my new friends will say a special prayer, light a candle, sing a soul song or think a happy thought for me on that day (and for days to follow.) She says that I’ll soon be up on my own ‘toezees’.

My next update will hopefully be in a week when I am resting comfortably and able to share specific details with everyone. Mom says that I am probably the luckiest and most loved little rescue dog in the world right now. She is smart that way ya know!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Unique Donation for HoneyBear

Thank you to Kirk Cunningham Marketing and Associates for a unique donation. The San Diego-based company provided 200 postcards with the Open Arms dog rescue logo and $100 for stamps. Now (with my foster mom’s help) I can send a personal thank-you to every one that donated to my leg surgery fund. Isn’t that pawriffic?!? Remember to include your address.

This is me posing with the postcard. And that’s my foster brother, Jasper Williams, the Open Arms mascot on the front of the postcard. Cute, aren't we (smile)?

More Updates later. Luv - HoneyBear

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Thoughts & Exciting Walks

Hi from HoneyBear. My foster mom has been busy fundraising for my leg surgery. She finally has time today to help me give everyone an update.

Since I can’t walk (yet), mom and I go out “walking” in my little wagon. Whenever I see her rolling it out to the lanai, I get all excited – ears up and tail wagging! Mom says I crack her up when I put my nose high in the air and sniff-sniff-sniff as I enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhood with the wind in my face! (Kinda like a car ride, but not quite.)

I have received a lot of best wishes, encouragement and love from people that don’t even know me. It simply boggles my doggie mind. Caring people have donated to my leg surgery fund, and mom tells me that we are over half-way to meeting our goal with more coming in. If you are reading this, you’re probably one of those people! How lucky am I?!? Thank you to all of my new friends, including those with four-legs (fur) and two-legs (feathers).

Hugs and Kisses from HoneyBear

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Bravely Trying to Walk

This is me trying to walk. I do my best, especially when the other dogs alert me that my foster dad is home from work. We all charge for the door and he pets us and says, “Hi, how ya doing?”

But mostly I am content in my cuddle bed next to mom at the computer. And I love watching NASCAR with dad in the big chair with snacks on the side table. Once in a while a piece of popcorn or bit of cheese will “accidentally” drop on his lap. I’m ever watchful and quick to retrieve them!

Mom takes me out on a regular schedule to potty because I cannot walk through the doggie door like the other dogs. I am a good girl and do my business with nary a problem. Sometimes I just lie in the sun and watch the lizards and squirrels until mom comes back to get me.

Although I am in pain, everyone knows that I am a happy little girl because my tail is in constant motion. Once in awhile mom will say, “Hey, HoneyBear….did your metronome stop ticking?” And I’ll get all excited and start wagging my tail!

Tail Wags from HoneyBear

Saturday, June 19, 2010

X-rays Show the Extent of my Injuries

The technical term for my injuries is: non-union bilateral radius/ulna fractures. You can see in the x-rays that the long leg bones have broken and healed at the side of my wrists. Ouch! No wonder I can't walk.

Mom says that we trying to raise enough money for my leg surgery. And it is a daunting challenge! For initial consultation, x-rays, surgery, antibiotics, pain management, weekly bandage changes, and follow-up exams over a 2 month period, the cost will be about $3,000. Yikes….that is a lot chew bones! Mom assures me daily that I am worth every cent. She is even going to take me swimming in the pool afterwards for physical therapy. Now I’m crossing my paws (and it’s not very easy) that some kind people like you hear my plight and make a donation in any amount. It all adds up…really. And if I’m lucky enough to reach half-way to our goal, mom will schedule my surgery. Please share my sad story with others.

Donations to Open Arms (Foster Care & Adoption for Rescue Dogs) for HoneyBear may be made in four ways:
1. Mail a check to: Open Arms, PO Box 354471, Palm Coast, FL 32135
2. Via PayPal as a “gift” to:
3. Directly to Open Arms rescue bank account: Intracoastal Bank, 1290 Palm Coast Pkwy NW, Palm Coast, FL 32137, Attention Julie (HoneyBear’s personal banker).

If you want to know about Open Arms, me and other dogs currently in rescue, as well as many that have been adopted in to loving homes, use this link to go to our website:

Tender kisses and nuzzles from HoneyBear

Home from the Shelter

This is a photo of me looking a bit tired and bewildered after a busy day, but nonetheless safe and sound in my foster Dad’s arms. I’ll start my story at the beginning of what promises to be a long journey.

I am sweet four year old Chihuahua girl wishing on a star for a forever home one day in the future where I can walk and play like a normal dog. I lived in a cage all of my life having puppies for a backyard breeder to sell. One day that uncaring woman drove me to the shelter, put me on the counter and said, “Euthanize this dog. She is past her prime, has two broken legs and is no longer any good to me”. Luckily Open Arms dog rescue was there picking up another dog and saved my life too. My foster mom says that I called to her heart and she just couldn’t leave without me.

I am now safe in Open Arms, a non-profit dog rescue organization in Palm Coast, Florida. But now I am facing another milestone in my life. Shortly after coming home, it was clear that my legs were broken at the ankles through-and-through. I wish I could tell my foster mom how it happened, but she does know that the fractures were allowed to heal for a very long time without medical attention. I am now virtually crippled and taking pain medication daily. The vet says that without surgery, my condition will continue to deteriorate, and within less than a year, I may have to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I am not sure where that is, but I am young and really don’t want to go there yet.

Read my next post to see our plan.