Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home from the Shelter

This is a photo of me looking a bit tired and bewildered after a busy day, but nonetheless safe and sound in my foster Dad’s arms. I’ll start my story at the beginning of what promises to be a long journey.

I am sweet four year old Chihuahua girl wishing on a star for a forever home one day in the future where I can walk and play like a normal dog. I lived in a cage all of my life having puppies for a backyard breeder to sell. One day that uncaring woman drove me to the shelter, put me on the counter and said, “Euthanize this dog. She is past her prime, has two broken legs and is no longer any good to me”. Luckily Open Arms dog rescue was there picking up another dog and saved my life too. My foster mom says that I called to her heart and she just couldn’t leave without me.

I am now safe in Open Arms, a non-profit dog rescue organization in Palm Coast, Florida. But now I am facing another milestone in my life. Shortly after coming home, it was clear that my legs were broken at the ankles through-and-through. I wish I could tell my foster mom how it happened, but she does know that the fractures were allowed to heal for a very long time without medical attention. I am now virtually crippled and taking pain medication daily. The vet says that without surgery, my condition will continue to deteriorate, and within less than a year, I may have to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I am not sure where that is, but I am young and really don’t want to go there yet.

Read my next post to see our plan.

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