Sunday, April 17, 2011


Mom just returned from California. Grandma has not been feeling well, so Mom decided to visit her and some other family members that I have only seen photos of. Dad took some vacation time and stayed home with us fur kids so we would not get into any trouble. But our behavior is always exemplary so he had it way too easy. Dad also completed some projects around the house and yard that have been on the checklist for quite a while now (smile).

Surgery to remove my metal bone plate went well. Thank you to all for making it possible with your encouragement and donations. Only one more surgery to go and Mom says that I will have hit the jackpot! But I already know that I was a big winner the day that Mom spotted me at the shelter. My big brown eyes won over her heart in an instant and my life changed forever.

Mom has been searching for the perfect song for me. Now you may think that is rather strange. But I kid you not! Mom chooses a song for all of her dogs (going way back when) that has special meaning and memories for each one. Can you guess my song? (Don’t peek until you have a guess…)

It’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ !!!!! Now why it took her so long to choose that song is beyond me...a no-brainer, really. It’s upbeat, makes her happy and the lyrics fit both of us so perfectly…a-laughin’, a-runnin’, a-skippin’ and a-jumpin’ with you, my brown eyed girl! And that’s what we do every time Mom sings and we dance together. She says that we both are playful brown eyed girls, so I guess that makes it official…we must be related!

The journey for this phase in my life is coming to a most successful end. And that means this chapter in my journal is coming to a logical end as well. Mom says that as my life becomes more normal, people will turn their attention to other needy dogs with stories of abuse, abandonment and loneliness. She says that it is only fair for the spotlight to shine on them now…and maybe they will receive donations and words of comfort as they follow their own path to healing. It happened for me, and I am positive that it can happen for them too because so many caring people are out there in the world.

Mom and I have shared this heartfelt journey together and found hope, trust and love along the way. Mom never once doubted her decision to rescue me even though it was challenging in oh-so-many ways. We still look in to each other’s brown eyes and feel that connection right to our very souls. I truly believe that we found each other not by chance, but by a plan set forth by the universe. Mom’s heart somehow knew that kindness of friends and strangers would help her mend my broken body. And it has been a remarkable journey far beyond the wire crate where I had been confined for as long as I can remember.

I am looking forward to all of the fun and yet-to-be-discovered adventures that lie ahead for me because abuse is no longer a word in my dictionary. I am happy, loved and well-cared for, and I am certain that the next years of my life will be even better than the past year has been. How lucky can a little brown eyed Chihuahua girl be?!?

Luv ~ HoneyBear

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I promise to write back!

Friday, March 4, 2011


My bag is packed and I’m all set for my forever home. And I don’t have to go far because my official new home is right here with my foster Mom! She explained to me that on rare occasions a rescue dog may have ongoing medical problems that make them a poor candidate for adoption. Unfortunately, that sounds just like me.

So I have joined the Open Arms Forever Ours program. This means that rescue will be financially responsible for veterinary care and surgery needs for my whole life (such a commitment). But my foster parents, now my Mom and Dad, will make certain that I am safe and loved. They will provide everything a fur-kid deserves like healthy food, treats, toys, car rides, soft laps, hugs and kisses, and love-love-love! From the beginning of my journey, everyone wanted me to find the perfect family to call my own. And I have! Whoo-Hoo! They already took me on a “test drive” and loved what they saw! I am so happy to have a last name. Just call me HoneyBear Williams. I think I’ll get a “HBW” monogrammed shirt.

Prompting this placement decision is my need for two more surgeries. The squirrels were having too much fun outside the picture window and I jumped up and high-tailed it over to suggest they keep the ruckus down. In the process I hurt my right front leg. Dr. McKenzie (Affiliated Veterinary Specialists) determined that new-found mobility over time made the screws in my bone plate loosen up and they are causing pain. Bone density has formed nicely so removing the plate this month is a relatively simple procedure.

Then in April, Dr. McKenzie will perform the second surgery to correct a rotated patella and affected ligaments in my left rear leg. This leg has always been shorter and surgery will enable me to shift more weight from front legs to rear legs for better balance and comfort. Dr. McKenzie has again offered a generous rescue discount of $1,500 to cover both procedures.

Open Arms is now fundraising for my two surgeries. If you can help, all donations are warmly welcomed and no gift is too small. Clicking on the ChipIn button below makes it easy to donate and you can see how near I am to reaching my goal. Or, you can mail your check to HoneyBear, C/O Open Arms Dog Rescue, P.O. Box 354471, Palm Coast, FL 32135. Many already know how much Mom and I enjoy writing thank-you notes to you and your fur-kids. My pen and paw are poised and ready.

Thank you to all that have been part of my life in the past and to those that will join in my journey now. Uh-oh. The doorbell rang. I think it is the Welcome Wagon lady!

Luv ~ HoneyBear Williams


Special thanks to Hannah of J&H Select for creating a super fundraising flyer and making a donation to get my fundraiser off to a great start. Visit her at for creative promotional products and ideas for your business events.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today is my birthday. Mom has been trying to explain what that’s all about because I never had a birthday before…at least not that I can remember. After Mom rescued me from the shelter, I had an exam and vaccinations. The vet also looked at my teeth and made a guess that I was at least 4 years old. Mom said that no fur soul should ever be without a day to celebrate how special they are. She is not good at math, but did some quick adding and subtracting in her head and chose February 8th for my birthday. She said it was a perfect choice for me…although I had to wait many months to discover the real excitement of my very own day.

I knew something was up when Mom started flitting around the house in her typical modus operandi when on a mission. She started blowing up something called balloons. It was quite fascinating because as her cheeks got bigger the balloons got bigger. Every once in a while she cleverly let some air out the end and teased all of us with the high pitched squeaks. Sometimes Mom is so-o-o not amusing. But we fur kids have come to expect her silly sense of humor and know that she means well. Mom tied a birthday bandana around my neck, brought out some cupcakes (one with a “5” candle on top) and then scooped me up in her arms. She flipped on the Beatles song “Birthday” and if you don’t remember it, trust me it was very appropriate. So there we were a-movin’-and-a-groovin’ to the beat, and that final dip when the song was over almost took my breath away. Mom cannot carry a tune and has no rhythm whatsoever, but none of us here will ever tell her because she has so darn much fun.

No sooner had I unwrapped my gift when a foster sister slithered away with my new toy. She shall remain nameless because I am not a tattle-tale. (Hint: her name begins with “C” and if you have followed my journey, you know who she is.) But not to worry because our attention soon focused on some doggie-safe cupcakes and Frosty Paws that I planned to share with all of my drooling wide-eyed fur siblings. (Can you believe that there is special ice-cream just for dogs?).

When Mom brought over my birthday cupcake and lit the candle, I got all wiggly. She told me it was time to make a wish. As I contemplated what it would be, I realized that my wish already came true several months ago when I didn’t even know what a wish was. How else can you explain my luck in finding a new life filled with so much happiness? So I made a wish that other abused and abandoned animals might be as fortunate as I have been this past year. I puckered up (Mom helped) and …swoosh… the candle flame went out. I do believe with all of my heart that my birthday wish will come true.

The best year of my whole life has been going from 4 to 5 years old. I learned what it means to be loved, kissed and cuddled. I feel safe and my tummy is full with nutritious food and yummy treats. My health is good and my crippled legs have been repaired so that I am able to do a very unique HoneyBear version of walking. Many angels made it possible for me to reach my fifth birthday. And if you are reading this, you are probably one of them.

Happy Birthday to me…I am as happy as can be!
Luv ~ HoneyBear

Happy Birthday HoneyBear from Uncle Bennie

A Birthday wish to you from me,
Happiness and love for all to see.

Mom and Dad have gifts for you.
Cake and Ice Cream, Candles too.

Hats, Balloons, Music and Punch,
Bowls of Candy, Snacks to munch.

Today HoneyBear is five years old.
A few more wrinkles, heart of gold.

This for you I hope and pray,
Long Life and Health and Sunny Days.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Once a week, Mom tries to carve out one-on-one quality time for each of us fur kids. Today was my day. It has been cold here in Florida lately, so Mom bundled me up in my pink daisy sweater and pink collar so I would be color-coordinated for my outing. We were ready for our ride in the car to do a few errands in town. I settled in to my fuzzy pet booster seat next to Mom and off we went. All of my foster brothers and sisters were envious, but we’ve come to accept the “rotation” system. (Think “The Bachelor”). One of my brothers has a tinge of separation anxiety and we could hear him howling as we backed down the driveway until the garage door closed. He can be so melodramatic at times.

On our way, upbeat music blared on the radio. “I’m walkin’ on sunshine…and whoo whoo…don’t it feel good?!?” We stopped by the Post Office to check our rescue group P.O. Box. Nope, nothing today. Then it was off to the vet clinic to replenish our supply of heartworm and flea preventatives. Gosh darn, that stuff is expensive, but Mom says it’s a small price to pay to ensure we remain healthy. Since she does not like leaving any of us in the car for more than 3 minutes, Mom dashes in and out of the buildings with checklist in hand. My favorite vet tech came out to say hi and pat me on the head, then waved good-bye. “Take care, HoneyBear”. Mom made a phone call and I could tell this would be our final stop the minute we pulled in to the store’s driveway. Those scrumptious smells wouldn’t lie to this nose…PIZZA!!!. Driving home with that box on the back seat was the ultimate challenge to my good nature. I kept turning around and shaking like little Chihuahuas do when we get all excited. Yep, it wasn’t going anywhere; still there temping me.

Mom sat at the kitchen table with three slices of pizza and a Coke. Some of us quietly parked ourselves in our cuddle beds at her feet while others watched from equally excellent vantage points. She’s taught us well. Yet how she can eat and digest her food properly with all of those eyes staring at her is beyond me. Mom has proven to be pretty much disciplined about not giving us people food, and we learned early on that begging gets us nowhere. However, on this cool cloudy day, Mom ever-so-slowly began to tear small pieces off the final slice of pizza... and wait-a-minute…she was saying our names. “Cricket sit. Good girl”. “Jasper sit. Good boy”. “HoneyBear sit.” (Mom, I AM sitting.) “Good girl”. Yum-yum. I think Sausage and Mushroom Supreme has got to be my very most favorite!

We’ve all been sworn to secrecy and absolutely cannot tell Dad that Mom was a softy today. My lips are sealed. But I can still taste cheese.
Luv ~ HoneyBear

Friday, December 17, 2010


I just had to make a new entry to my journal blog because of a very special Christmas poem that I received via email. It seems that my cute-self causes smiles and even creative inspiration. Uncle Bennie wrote this especially for me. I hope you enjoy it as much as me and Mom!
Luv ~ HoneyBear

xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx ooo xxx

Santa’s Cookies Tempt HoneyBear

Twas the night before Christmas, and all were asleep.
HoneyBear was searching for something to eat.

Her nose in the air, she detected a scent.
A hint of pumpkin, cinnamon and mint.

Where O' Where can it possibly be?
In the kitchen, den, or under the tree?

She looked to the left, she looked to the right.
That delectable treat was nowhere in sight.

HoneyBear stopped, and froze in her tracks.
As she spotted a basket filled with snacks.

To heck with the other, I'll stay here instead.
I'll eat all night, then go back to bed.

Merry Christmas to all, To all a good night.
HoneyBear’s journey is so very bright.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mom’s going around the house singing along to Christmas carol music. She changes some lyrics of Little Drummer Boy to be “Little Drummer Girl” instead. That’s me. She says that I walk to the beat of a different drummer because of my leg issues. But she loves me very much just the way I am and admires my tenacity.

Thank goodness Mom always chooses the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. You know the kind… ill-shapen, worse for wear, and the one that everybody passes by because it is far from perfect. But that tree is truly unique and has tons of character. I think Mom chose me for the exact same reason! She says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and she thinks I am very beautiful indeed.

The next few days will be unusually cold here in Florida; temperatures from upper 20s to low 30s and wind chills predicted at 19-26 degrees! Mom had to fight Christmas shopping crowds at the local mall and buy herself a warm fleece jacket. And all of us dogs are mighty happy that she found our sweaters in the back of the linen closet. I am so glad the fur grew back on my leg. Brr-brr-brr. If it gets any colder, I might be able to make a snow angel. On second thought, there’s no way I’m going outside except for a quick potty break.

This is likely to be my last update until 2011. Your family is probably as busy as ours this time of year. So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs to you and all of yours!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I came home after surgery and all of a sudden I’m feeling a cool breeze on my leg. I looked down and… leg is hairless. Mom once fostered a hairless Chihuahua but I don’t think that I am related in any way. She kicked on the heater and wrapped me in a snazzy polar-fleece blanket. I could get used to this!

Mom’s newest name for me is Marvel-Pup because every day she marvels at my ‘can-do’ attitude. I’m supposed to be taking it easy, but already I’m putting weight on my leg and taking a few steps. In fact, Mom almost had a heart-attack last evening. I was in the computer room with Dad dozing in my cuddle bed when he briefly left to answer the phone. He took a little too long and when Mom came through the kitchen, there I was! I had managed to walk up a little step from the computer room to be where the action was. I don’t think I’ll ever forget Mom’s shriek and startled look on her face! She quickly scooped me up like I was the most precious bag of jewels. Hmm-m-m. In retrospect, I think I must be. She once said that I was a diamond in the ruff.
Luv ~ HoneyBear