Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mom’s going around the house singing along to Christmas carol music. She changes some lyrics of Little Drummer Boy to be “Little Drummer Girl” instead. That’s me. She says that I walk to the beat of a different drummer because of my leg issues. But she loves me very much just the way I am and admires my tenacity.

Thank goodness Mom always chooses the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. You know the kind… ill-shapen, worse for wear, and the one that everybody passes by because it is far from perfect. But that tree is truly unique and has tons of character. I think Mom chose me for the exact same reason! She says that beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and she thinks I am very beautiful indeed.

The next few days will be unusually cold here in Florida; temperatures from upper 20s to low 30s and wind chills predicted at 19-26 degrees! Mom had to fight Christmas shopping crowds at the local mall and buy herself a warm fleece jacket. And all of us dogs are mighty happy that she found our sweaters in the back of the linen closet. I am so glad the fur grew back on my leg. Brr-brr-brr. If it gets any colder, I might be able to make a snow angel. On second thought, there’s no way I’m going outside except for a quick potty break.

This is likely to be my last update until 2011. Your family is probably as busy as ours this time of year. So have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hugs to you and all of yours!


  1. We love the Charlie Brown music, too! Have a wonderful holiday!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for thinking about me during the holiday season...and always! Keep warm and have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Luv ~ HoneyBear

  3. Have a Very Merry Christmas HoneyBear. I am so so glad you are doing good and you have a warm home with lots of love.

  4. Hi Draco,
    Mom just checked and saw your Christmas wishes for me. Thank you, and I hope Santa brings you a special toy because I KNOW that you have been good!
    Luve ~ HoneyBear