Monday, July 19, 2010

Unique Donation for HoneyBear

Thank you to Kirk Cunningham Marketing and Associates for a unique donation. The San Diego-based company provided 200 postcards with the Open Arms dog rescue logo and $100 for stamps. Now (with my foster mom’s help) I can send a personal thank-you to every one that donated to my leg surgery fund. Isn’t that pawriffic?!? Remember to include your address.

This is me posing with the postcard. And that’s my foster brother, Jasper Williams, the Open Arms mascot on the front of the postcard. Cute, aren't we (smile)?

More Updates later. Luv - HoneyBear

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Thoughts & Exciting Walks

Hi from HoneyBear. My foster mom has been busy fundraising for my leg surgery. She finally has time today to help me give everyone an update.

Since I can’t walk (yet), mom and I go out “walking” in my little wagon. Whenever I see her rolling it out to the lanai, I get all excited – ears up and tail wagging! Mom says I crack her up when I put my nose high in the air and sniff-sniff-sniff as I enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhood with the wind in my face! (Kinda like a car ride, but not quite.)

I have received a lot of best wishes, encouragement and love from people that don’t even know me. It simply boggles my doggie mind. Caring people have donated to my leg surgery fund, and mom tells me that we are over half-way to meeting our goal with more coming in. If you are reading this, you’re probably one of those people! How lucky am I?!? Thank you to all of my new friends, including those with four-legs (fur) and two-legs (feathers).

Hugs and Kisses from HoneyBear