Sunday, April 17, 2011


Mom just returned from California. Grandma has not been feeling well, so Mom decided to visit her and some other family members that I have only seen photos of. Dad took some vacation time and stayed home with us fur kids so we would not get into any trouble. But our behavior is always exemplary so he had it way too easy. Dad also completed some projects around the house and yard that have been on the checklist for quite a while now (smile).

Surgery to remove my metal bone plate went well. Thank you to all for making it possible with your encouragement and donations. Only one more surgery to go and Mom says that I will have hit the jackpot! But I already know that I was a big winner the day that Mom spotted me at the shelter. My big brown eyes won over her heart in an instant and my life changed forever.

Mom has been searching for the perfect song for me. Now you may think that is rather strange. But I kid you not! Mom chooses a song for all of her dogs (going way back when) that has special meaning and memories for each one. Can you guess my song? (Don’t peek until you have a guess…)

It’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ !!!!! Now why it took her so long to choose that song is beyond me...a no-brainer, really. It’s upbeat, makes her happy and the lyrics fit both of us so perfectly…a-laughin’, a-runnin’, a-skippin’ and a-jumpin’ with you, my brown eyed girl! And that’s what we do every time Mom sings and we dance together. She says that we both are playful brown eyed girls, so I guess that makes it official…we must be related!

The journey for this phase in my life is coming to a most successful end. And that means this chapter in my journal is coming to a logical end as well. Mom says that as my life becomes more normal, people will turn their attention to other needy dogs with stories of abuse, abandonment and loneliness. She says that it is only fair for the spotlight to shine on them now…and maybe they will receive donations and words of comfort as they follow their own path to healing. It happened for me, and I am positive that it can happen for them too because so many caring people are out there in the world.

Mom and I have shared this heartfelt journey together and found hope, trust and love along the way. Mom never once doubted her decision to rescue me even though it was challenging in oh-so-many ways. We still look in to each other’s brown eyes and feel that connection right to our very souls. I truly believe that we found each other not by chance, but by a plan set forth by the universe. Mom’s heart somehow knew that kindness of friends and strangers would help her mend my broken body. And it has been a remarkable journey far beyond the wire crate where I had been confined for as long as I can remember.

I am looking forward to all of the fun and yet-to-be-discovered adventures that lie ahead for me because abuse is no longer a word in my dictionary. I am happy, loved and well-cared for, and I am certain that the next years of my life will be even better than the past year has been. How lucky can a little brown eyed Chihuahua girl be?!?

Luv ~ HoneyBear

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