Monday, September 27, 2010


Mom wanted me to explain a little more in detail about my surgery. For each leg, Dr. MacKenzie aligned the broken bones and then inserted metal plates to hold them firmly in place. Over time, my body makes new bone mass around the area. The advantage of this procedure is that my straighter stronger legs enable me to walk. The disadvantage is that my ankles are fused in a way that prevents them from bending. But it isn’t really a minus in the whole scheme of things. I am able to walk on my paw pads like any other dog and can hold my rawhide chews just fine-and-dandy.

Mom told me that she agreed to let Dr. McKenzie fuse my bones because she thought it mysteriously involved her favorite beverage … Fuze! (Yum-yum.) Of course she was only kidding, and no doubt you have become very familiar with Mom’s weird sense of humor. I’ve learned to take it in my stride and life would be pretty boring without her funny laugh.

Mom has been challenged to take a good picture of me walking. By the time she follows me on a brief jaunt and tries to focus the camera, I spoil everything by sitting down or turning my head to see a squirrel. I hear her ‘wheels turning’ though. So maybe sometime soon she will outsmart me (not a chance) and take an ‘aw-w-w-w’ photo so all of you can see how great I am doing.

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Friday, September 10, 2010


TA-DA!!! Look what disappeared. Yep, you spotted it right away. No more splints!!! Look at my straight legs. There’s a whole bunch to report after today’s visit.

Well, let’s talk about the elephant in the room first … the darn ol’ Elizabethan collar. A little infection developed on my legs … maybe from being wrapped in bandages for the better part of five weeks. It feels so soothing to lick-lick-lick them, but that’s a firm non-negotiable no-no. So I need to wear the collar for a few days; I’m sure my fur friends out there can sympathize! I came home with antibiotics and a medicated shampoo to help the healing process.

Also, it is very important to begin putting pressure on my legs without the splint supports. But, already it has proven to be painful for me (not to mention a scary venture). Luckily, Dr. MacKenzie included pain medication in my bag of take home goodies. It seems to help as I am able to take some baby steps under Mom’s watchful eye. In fact, she’s right there encouraging me when I sit down too soon.

Oh-oh. Mom just came in to the room and said “scoot-scoot-scoot”. She is holding a tasty liver bit in her hand and I don’t mind doing a combat belly crawl to get it. After all, that’s considered therapy to strengthen my legs too!

Luv ~ HoneyBear

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainbow In My Play Pen

Purple, Green, Blue and Pink …… Mom says that a rainbow has been forming in my play pen with every post-op visit to Dr.MacKenzie. She whispered that there is a pot-of-gold buried at the end of the rainbow and it will all be mine in a few weeks. So when my colorful spectrum of bandages comes off, I plan to dig for the sparkly bullion with my two strong front paws. Since the mischievous ol’ Leprechaun only protects it from greedy humans, he won’t pose a problem whatsoever.

Actually, Mom reminds me that the JOURNEY to the end of the rainbow and pot-of-gold is the real treasure. She assures me that my resilience and amazing ability to go-with-the-flow have been crucial steps along the way. Mom and so many other people like you were my angel advocates from the very beginning. With that much love and support, who needs gold anyway?!? I am a very wealthy little Chihuahua girl right now!

Luv ~ HoneyBear