Monday, July 19, 2010

Unique Donation for HoneyBear

Thank you to Kirk Cunningham Marketing and Associates for a unique donation. The San Diego-based company provided 200 postcards with the Open Arms dog rescue logo and $100 for stamps. Now (with my foster mom’s help) I can send a personal thank-you to every one that donated to my leg surgery fund. Isn’t that pawriffic?!? Remember to include your address.

This is me posing with the postcard. And that’s my foster brother, Jasper Williams, the Open Arms mascot on the front of the postcard. Cute, aren't we (smile)?

More Updates later. Luv - HoneyBear


  1. HoneyBear, we are so happy that so many people love you and are looking out for you. You look so beautiful in your little pink bed.

    Love, Cupcake and Mommy

  2. Thanks for checking in on me, Cupcake. Mom is going to announce later this week that we have chosen a surgery appointment date. Details and another new photo will be added to my journal. I gotta hide mom's camera (lol). She must have umpteen photos of me for her yet-to-do rescue scrapbook!

  3. HoneyBear, guess what!!! Twinkie is going to do a post about you on her blog so more people will know about you! Isn't that great?! Her blog is

    Twinkie and her Mom are so wonderful!!

    Love, Cupcake

  4. Hey Cupcake! My mom is going to contact your mom in the near future for more info about you and Twinkie and ??? Right now she is getting writer's cramp from writing thank yous for me. I owe her big-time - over 45 personal notes so far!! There would be more if people shared their addresses with her. But she says that they know in their hearts just how much we both appreciate their love for a little dog with two broken legs. Bedtime now...