Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Bravely Trying to Walk

This is me trying to walk. I do my best, especially when the other dogs alert me that my foster dad is home from work. We all charge for the door and he pets us and says, “Hi, how ya doing?”

But mostly I am content in my cuddle bed next to mom at the computer. And I love watching NASCAR with dad in the big chair with snacks on the side table. Once in a while a piece of popcorn or bit of cheese will “accidentally” drop on his lap. I’m ever watchful and quick to retrieve them!

Mom takes me out on a regular schedule to potty because I cannot walk through the doggie door like the other dogs. I am a good girl and do my business with nary a problem. Sometimes I just lie in the sun and watch the lizards and squirrels until mom comes back to get me.

Although I am in pain, everyone knows that I am a happy little girl because my tail is in constant motion. Once in awhile mom will say, “Hey, HoneyBear….did your metronome stop ticking?” And I’ll get all excited and start wagging my tail!

Tail Wags from HoneyBear


  1. Oh HoneyBear, we are all on your side and sending good thoughts and wishes your way. You are such a special little girl. We will be following you for now on. We are on Team HoneyBear!!


    Princess, Kiwi, Lovie, Cupcake and Mommy

  2. I'm a friend of Cupcake's. She directed me to your blog. Welcome to your new loving foster family and best of luck with your legs. I've been in your shoes and I empathize. I couldn't go potty on my own either, my one leg will never heal...and lots more, BUT I'm fine now and wish the same for you.

  3. Hi Twinkie. Wow, I am proud of you. And dontcha think that legs (or lack thereof) are not as imnportant when we have parents that love us just the way we are? Keep following my progress and see how I am doing!