Thursday, August 5, 2010

HoneyBear: My Leg Surgery Today August 5

I am channeling this post through Mom since I am recovering from surgery right now. I just got out of surgery at 5:00pm today (August 5) and am still a bit groggy. Dr. MacKenzie said that he was able to do a pretty good bone plate on each of my legs. Mom’s birthday was yesterday, but she says that this gift was well-worth waiting for. Mom is anxiously waiting for more detailed information tomorrow. She will probably call after-care several times throughout the evening to check on me. Thanks for your concern and best wishes.

This photo was taken a while back. Cricket is my sister and somewhat on the bossy side. See…she took over my cuddle bed for this photo op! I hope to share a more current photo soon.


  1. Hi Honey Bear...we are so happy to hear that you came through your operation ok and that you probably will be able to walk and run around. Keep on resting and get better real fast. Happy Birthday to your mom. She sure got a special present.

  2. I'm so glad you did well in surgery. I know your Mom will feel much better when you are home safe and sound. Hopefully that will be soon. Take care sweet HoneyBear!

    Love, Cupcake

  3. We bought a special "HoneyBear Candle" we've been burning all day to be sure & keep the positive thoughts coming your way! We are all pulling for you! You are such a brave little girl & we will dream special little dreams where you are running thru that doggie door in no time & with no pain!! Your adoring fans in Nashport, Ohio~ Mim, Poppy, Tsai, Tiny, Minnie & Baby (& the stinky cats, too!)