Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look At Me! Home After My Leg Surgery!

That’s me with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. MacKenzie at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists. It is my official release photo from after-care on August 7 and I’m headed home. Yippee!

My leg surgery looks to be pretty promising. Here are the newest x-rays of my left leg…the really badly broken one. Those images show the bone plates that Dr. MacKenzie so expertly placed to make both of my legs straight. Mom said, “HoneyBear, you’ll never be able to go through airport security without setting off the buzzer!” Mom laughs hysterically at her own jokes, and I just wag my tail lovingly because that makes her happy.

Whenever Mom looks at my cute face and little bandaged legs, she reminds me how very lucky I am. So many people made donations to an abused Chihuahua girl they didn’t even know. You and others made a wish-on-a-shooting-star dream come true. Oh gosh, I’m getting a bit teary. Wait! I think Mom is making dinner. Gotta go; more updates and photos soon.
Luv ~HoneyBear


  1. I just LOVE your blogs, Honey Bear. Especially the one about your dreams. You certainly know how to bring out smiles and laughter in any reader. And those purple splint socks with the red hearts--simply adorable. Dr. MacKenzie certainly looks proud of you and his handiwork. Maybe he'll take you to vet school one day and show you off...I think you'd enjoy the attention very much. You're a natural. HB, I cannot believe you can walk with all that metal in your leg...what a remarkable girl you are! Enjoy your dinner and the freedom to move around the room for the first time in your life painfree. It's been a pleasure following your progress!

  2. HoneyBear, I just want to thank your very handsome surgeon for doing such a great job on those little legs. I'm so glad you are home with Mom. I know she will take wonderful care of you.

    Love, Cupcake

  3. Promising is good enough for now. I wish you a speedy full recovery. I wonder if Dr. MacKenzie could even fix my leg, but to tell you the truth, I'm used to hopping on my other three and I'm not sure whether I'd want to try yet another surgery.
    Get well!!!

  4. Today was a good day mostly. I am not really up on my own 4 feet yet per Dr. M. He said to let the healing process begin and I have permission to just lie around and take it easy. My first recheck is Wednesday for exam and bandages change. I love riding in the car and am looking forward to seeing Dr. M again!

  5. Just take it nice and easy...soon you will be walking and even running on those fixed legs.

  6. Hi Draco,
    I had my first recheck today and Dr. M says I was cooperative with my bandage changes. My incisions are healing nicely. Mom will take some more photos (oh no!)and try to help me with another update by end of weekend. Thanks for your support!
    Luv ~ HB

  7. So glad Honey Bear is doing well!

  8. Hi Cira,
    Yes, I am doing quite well. Thank you!
    Luv ~ HoneyBear

  9. Hi Honey Bear...A little birdie told me you were able to take a few steps. That is AWESOME, your Mom, Dad and the doctor must be very proud of you. Keep up the good work, HB, filling up the whole house with love.

    Your friends, Hannah, Jack, Frankie, Peanut, Cookie and angels Peanut & Dandy, the joy of my life